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Baichuan Resources Recycling was founded in Quanzhou, China, in 2004. as a dedicated manufacturer of dope dyed, recycled polyester textiles. Over the past two decades, we have produced 56 patents and 17 industry standards in sustainable polyester textile manufacturing, and grown to over 400 employees across 3 manufacturing facilities. We are as committed to the environment as we are to our community of customers, employees, and partners. Our passion lies in using our experience to help brands around the world create eco-friendly products.

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Our History


Original Baichuan factory established, producing the first dope dyed polyester fabric in China


The 2nd Baichuan factory began production using 100% waste PET bottle feedstock


Partnered with IKEA for their dope dyed product lines; launched recycled zipper production from scrap feedstock


Launched formulation database with 1,000+ dope dyed colors to maximize our clients’ design freedom


Rapidly scaling our global customer base to produce environmental benefits across diverse product applications

Message from President


Feipeng Zhang
President Of Baichuan

There is a natural harmony in this world. Leaves fall from the branches and return their nutrients to the roots. Cycles of life have no beginning or end. 

The industrialization of our era has created miracles in production and prosperity. Its inertia has also disturbed Earth’s balance, creating a challenge for all of humanity. 

Baichuan’s approach to manufacturing rests on a respect for the harmony of our world. We are deeply mindful of the full life cycle of our products and our impact on communities, both human and ecological.

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